There is currently one active cumulative update: CU6


DAX Hot Fixes

SharedProject_Build_119_CU6_20161026(3).zip is CU6 base and is inclusive of Hotfix 1, 2 and 3
Hotfix 01-03: are included in CU6 base.
Hotfix 04: Transportation Workstation
Hotfix 05: Rounding, Costing(TFS-19380-To force the system to use the most recently added costing record), Collection WS(TFS-19379-A field was inadvertently added called “Printer”. This has been removed)
Hotfix 06: Credit Card(TFS-19377-To fix issue with TFS-18895 where credit cards were not settling), Tax(TFS-19373-To fix issue with TFS-18710 where sales tax is being added with no tax customers).
Hotfix 07: Class mbsbdFreightRequest 'RunOn' property changed from "client" to "Called from" related to a batch process failure. This is to allow the batch job to run as client side
Hotfix 08: Email Notification(TFS-19408-Incorrect email format thru outbound queue even though the flag for SSRS is on)
Hotfix 09: ASN(TFS-19434-To fix max buffer size error). This is to fix the "Insufficient memory to run script." This was only happening with large files
Hotfix 10: Pick List Line Comments(TFS-19422-Picking list showing same line comment even though they are different), Etilize Load( TFS-19433-Etilize load ending in error: "Cannot insert multiple records in mbsECItemText")
Hotfix 11: (TFS-19512 SupercedeSub Enhancement to add Conversion factor and Conversion Note). Supercede Sub Soft Substitution - Additional Savings Factor and Message
Hotfix 12: (TFS-19579 allowing emails to have longer suffixes than .com or .edu for example .training). This fix allows for a longer domain name in email to be sent from outbound queue 
Hotfix 13: (TFS-19589 Transmission override for drop ship does not work-use Branch or Zip Code but not both of them). Ability to Facility Direct Drop Ship orders
Hotfix 14: (TFS-19577 California Prop 65 updates for DAX and WEB). New "indicators" and "messaging" put on items that are deemed hazardous under California Prop 65
Hotfix 15: (TFS-19563 Whenever you change the account address from the "Overview" tab, it deletes the account name on the "Address" tab). This also fixes account->setup blue button->address 
Hotfix 16: (TFS-19529 User Reminder with Multiple Websites shows the incorrect logo). This will fix the user reminder when used so that the correct logo is displayed
Hotfix 17: (TFS-19630 The ASN file format is changing at Essendant). Code was updated to look for 2 fields now "1D" and "1Z." This is to fix code such that it looks for the correct fields after changes from Essendant.

Hotfix 18: (TFS-19556 Bill now / ship later orders are not behaving correctly with the spawned lines). The order created fine, but then of 20 lines 2 were fulfilled at SP and 18 spawned 2 lines. Then 11 fulfilled at United and 7 fulfilled at United. This added 2 spawned lines to the billing order, but added cost as well throwing the margin report off)
Hotfix 19: ***ON HOLD***(TFS-19598 California Prop 65 updates for DAX - Etilize). Pursuant to the previous enhancement for addition of California Prop 65 data fields, and data capture, we now need to create an enhancement to the Etilize Content load
Hotfix 20: (TFS-19638 Dealer Keywords for Smartsearch). A node was added for the XML output file <Dealer Keywords>
Hotfix 21: (TFS-19676 Add new field to Sales-I extract). A new field in position 45 which will hold the field "Coupon ID" for the coupon codes in the Sales-I history extract file 

WEB Hot Fixes

Hotfix 01: Digital Analytics Updates
Hotfix 02:
Landing Page View All Items Enhancement-When hitting a landing page, there is now an option on the top left to allow users to view the original items returned in the search results instead of the landing page.
Bug Fixes
-Fixed an issue where user maintenance pages would throw errors when no Roles were defined
-Fixed an issue that was not allowing DigitalData to be enabled
-Various Analytics reporting fixes
Hotfix 03:
Bug Fixes
-Fix a timeout issue for sales reps with a large amount of addresses on the SalesRepHomeD page
-Security update for landing pages, now uses a token instead of username and password in url
-Various Analytics reporting fixes
Hotfix 04:
Enhancements-Add filters and featured products to favorites lists using smart search
Bug Fixes
-Department filter issue in user maintenance
-Stock Check not fully visible on CatalogProductDisplayH.aspx and non functional on ItemDisplayG.aspx
Hotfix 05:
Bug Fixes
-Full HTTPS persistence page updates to fix mixed content warnings
Hotfix 06:
Enhancements-ENAVATE-224 - Product Recommendations
1-Request from CTS the dealers ppd credentials get activated for product recommendations
2-Request from CTS the product recommendation implementation guide, which has the endpoints you need to setup in the web properties for both endpoint & token endpoint(they are different)
-To Enable/Disable widget – Go to Theme Admin -> EnhancedContent -> Search for "Recommendation" property: Product Recommendation Enable – Set To True
-To Update EndPoint for widget - Go to Theme Admin -> EnhancedContent -> Search for "Recommendation" property: Product Recommendation EndPoint
-To Update Token EndPoint for widget - Go to Theme Admin -> EnhancedContent -> Search for "Recommendation" property: Product Recommendation Token EndPoint
-To Enable/Disable Override Style for widget - Go to Theme Admin -> EnhancedContent -> Search for "Recommendation" property: Product Recommendation Change Style Enable
-To Update Dealer ID for widget - Go to Theme Admin -> EnhancedContent -> Search for "Recommendation" property: Product Recommendation Dealer ID
-To Update Dealer ID for widget - Go to Theme Admin -> EnhancedContent -> Search for "Recommendation" property: Product Recommendation Dealer Url – Enter the website url (e.g, Make sure you have the www or subdomain in there
Bug Fixes
-Invodo video error when not able to load
-Ratings & Review ‘be the first to write a review’ always showing even when feature disabled
-Digital analytics updates
19020 - Featured Products not properly displayed on CatalogProductDisplayH.aspx and itemDisplayG.aspx when Smart Services, and Restrict to Contract Show all items in use
19023 - Featured Products not properly displayed on Home page when Smart Services, and Restrict to Contract Show all items in use
Hotfix 07:
Bug Fixes
19368 - Item Detail not displaying proper Web Content on all items
-Fixed DBNull value exception causing navigation to ItemDisplayC.aspx on EVEEN91
Hotfix 08:
Bug Fixes
19340 - SRC Contract Maintenance - Contracts displaying 0.00 Cost - Warehouse assigned to Contract.
     Fixed SQL function filter on relation.
19376 User cannot view items in favorites lists, despite showing # of SKUs
     Fixed exception thrown when duplicate items are in the list due to primary key assignment.
19370 - Promotional Free Item non functional in Build 119
     119 now supports PromotionsFreeItemWidget
19390 - Customer is unable to login to the website after CU6 update
     Reduced time to run from 4:24 minutes to 0:01 minutes MBSWB_spGetDeliveryLocationsByUser.sql
19391 - ERROR: Sales Connect - AR link causes Server Error page
     Hardened code to fix null reference when no dropdown is present.
Enavate-399 Fix for issues found during GSB go live
     Login – press of Enter Key after entering ID and Password not functional
     Logout – click of the link is non functional.
     Add to Favorites – Link is non-functional on bot Product Listing and Item Details
     Add to Order Guide - Link is non-functional on bot Product Listing and Item Details Real time Stock Check - Link is non-functional on bot Product Listing and Item Details
19383 - Assigning users to Department on the web Account>Manage users
     Fixed checkboxes not being checked on authorized departments
19389 - Product Link going to incorrect website
     Added themeId to product link cache item to prevent this from happing.
Enavate-400 Fix issues with favorite list’s over 150 items.
     Cached favorite lists to allow for lists over 150 items. This also allows for faster search results within the favorite lists. Cache point is "Favorite List Data Set".
19397 - Line comments not showing in favorite list
    comments from dax to display line comments on favorite list.
Hotfix 09:
Bug Fixes
Enavate-397 - Product Recommendation login for price text.
     Added checks for anonymous users so that they see the login for price text.
Enavate-398 - Egyptian - Product Recommendations style issues.
     Changed webproperty from LandingPage to ProductRecommendationEnabled.
Enavate-384- Use API token instead of username and password.
     Added an ApiTokenUtils class and have landing pages, ratings and reviews, and product recommendations using the class, to get a more secure API token.
Enavate-19395 Supplies Finder search result displays pricing regardless of web property for pricing display pre login.
     Added logic to check for anonymous user.
Enavate-19401 Unable to Checkout after install of CU6 hot Fix 8 for Web.
     Fixed field declaration.
Enavate-19403 Issues with shared favorites and CPPH not showing lists.
     Fixed the function calls when merging DAX and SmartSearch results as well as appended parameters to query string for shared favorites, this allows for caching the lists.
Hotfix 10: Digital Analytics and Digital Data tagging
Hotfix 11:
Bug Fixes
Enavate-303 - Order totals need to have currency format.
     Added currency formatting.
19347 - Bug in Sales Connect "Email Quote" process - will not allow dots (periods) in email addresses.
19426 - Home page Widget links using Search query string give no Results when HTTPS enabled.
     Fixed site navigation links for keyword searches. Filterstyle must be Keyword for Smart Search request instead of keyword.
19424 - Items per page not reading Web property on Favorites Lists
     fixed default page size on favorites lists.
Hotfix 12:
Bug Fixes
19442 - Order Controls not hiding/showing properly - Restrict to Contract Show all Items - using Solr.
     Fixed display of ordering controls for restrict to contract show all items.
Hotfix 13:
Bug Fixes
     CDFUtils was refactored to remove the default fall back endpoint. This stops the site from throwing an error if the endpoint is ever down.
Hotfix 14:
Bug Fixes
-Digital Data fixes.
-Fixed switch between Analytics and Digital Data.
-Fixed Issues with Transaction objects.
-Fixed issues with attributes.
-Fixed issues with CDF values not returning or returning incorrect.
Hotfix 15:
Bug Fixes
-Favorite List:
1-Fixed issues with filtering.
2-Fixed issues with filtering on large lists, as well as helping load speed.
-Indicator Icons:
1-Fixed issues with the indicator icons not loading when not using smart search.
-Accessories / Supplies:
1-Fixed issues with accessories and supplies not showing when smart search and smart merch are turned off.
-Landing pages:
1-Added functionality to add to cart from landing pages.
Hotfix 16:
Bug Fixes
-Fix for smart merchandising.
-Fix for MSDS links showing at inappropriate times.
-Fix for view cart details not functioning, redirecting to home page instead of cart details.
-Fix for landing pages add to cart methods and style fixes for landing pages.
Hotfix 17:
-Fix for be the first to write review style issue.
-Sales rep cart details has broken image link.
-Contract favorites list hide add all items to cart rom action menu.
-New theme property - ContractFavoriteHideAddAllToCart
-theme export
-Products with zero price doesn't display add to cart button.
--:Change landing pages to use original endpoint and not shared endpoint.
Hotfix 18:
-Added a fix for digital data regarding receipt page not working. We also fixed a few issues with listing pages. The insert statement needs to be ran on the proper database to insert a new record into the analytics page tag name table.
Hotfix 19:
19500: Patch for custom landing pages not working on 2009 versions.
Hotfix 20:
-Fixed issues where Digital Data was sharing threads between users causing some incorrect data collection.
-Also added some fixes when loading CDF Files when not using smart search.
Hotfix 21:
-Fixed issues with digital data.
Hotfix 22:
19515: Added null checks when switching views on listing pages.
19135: Fixed MSDS showing when not supposed to.
19511: Improved stored procedure statistics to help speed with larger contracts. (cut response time from 1 min 8 seconds to 7 seconds).
19462: Theme property "Don't copy billing codes" added. Default is false, when true the website will not copy billing codes from the first item in the cart. Still requires all items to have a billing code selected before moving foward with checkout.
<!-- 5/17/2018 copy line level billing codes to the rest of the cart. -->
<add key="CopyBillingCodes" value="true"/>
19505: Blanket PO issue. (Could just be theme settings).
19512: Supersede items have new data.
19462: Added theme property "DontCopyBillingCodes" to turn off the copying of billing codes.
19522: Solr fix.
Hotfix 23:
-Fixed issues with digital data.
Hotfix 24:
-To correct issues with pagination and item count on Favorites Lists.
-Digital Data updates for promotional items.
Hotfix 25:
-Shared Favorites – Update call to Smart Search when a list is Shared. Corrects “empty” List result.
-Digital Analytics – Update variables and content passed to Digital Services at Essendant. More precise data collection throughout the site.
-Promotional Item Tagging – Update content presentation and data feeds for Product Listing and Item Detail pages.
-California Prop 65 – Update Web Cart for proper display of required messaging. Correct display formatting issues.
-Blended Menu Navigation – Update Smart Search enabled websites that also use Native Search categories in combination. Correct handling of new Promotional Item tagging, not in use by Native Search.
Hotfix 26:
-Promotional Item Tagging - New Web Property to enable/disable Promo Item tagging.
-Favorites Lists - Updates to Filtering, Add/Remove/Update, Add to cart on all versions of the Product Listing page.
Hotfix 27:
-Favorites Lists: Supplement the Smart Search call for images on custom items with failover to default content in AX, Correct inconsistent behavior of item icons.
-Availability Messaging: Enable the display of Availability Messaging when Smart Search is in use. This feature is used to display delivery times for each item.
-Ratings & Reviews: Remove unused links under the product image, and implement new Token API call for data.
-Soft Sub popup in SRC:Add supporting code for use with Supercede Sub pricing conversion enhancement that was blocking the form from launching.
-California Prop 65:Add supporting code for proper message display on non-Smart Search sites.
Hotfix 28:
-Bug fixes to Digital Data values: TFS-19608, TFS-19609, TFS-19616, TFS-19637, TFS-19647, TFS-19654, TFS-19625, TFS-19601, TFS-19602, TFS-19603, TFS-19605, TFS-19610, TFS-19611, TFS-19615, TFS-19617, TFS-19620, TFS-19622, TFS-19623, TFS-19624, TFS-19626, TFS-19633, TFS-19653
Hotfix 29:
-Bug fixes to Digital Data values: TFS-19668
Hotfix 30:
-Bug fixes to Digital Data values: TFS-19604, TFS-19623, TFS-19627, TFS-19628, TFS-19635, TFS-19646, TFS-19648, TFS-19649, TFS-19650, TFS-19651, TFS-19652
Hotfix 31:
-Bug fixes to Digital Data values: TFS-19679-Hotfix 30:
Hotfix 32:
19686: Zero Priced items can be added to cart without displaying a message.
19585: GSA compliant items now have a message and are displayed in the cart.
19679: Fixed an issue with users not being captured correctly in digital analytics.
Hotfix 33:
19677: Keyword refinement for “Towels & Wipes” are not working.
19672: Cart details subtotal is rounding to 00.
19661: Ratings and Reviews to accommodate for sourced views that have no attribution.
19659: Item Demand Widget not displaying on ItemDisplayG.aspx.
7.0.16 - Durango Release:
New Durango Website Release
n/a-Add to Cart Not Working
618-Styles for invoice details
620-Fixes for returned items
639-added number of item per page on listing page
650-Fixed the address page issues,
614-soft subs on quick order
611-sales reps can pick a customer on step two
613-fixed and styled shared favorites lists
603-styled split cart receipt
626-added sales rep price type, and price code 
633-Added clickable hero banner
625-added back the typeahead, videos, and 90% of the analytics code
n/a-Adjustments to adding to cart procedure
n/a-Fixed issues with rule checking in the cart and when selecting an address to checkout
n/a-Add to Cart Not Working.
Modifications for enhanced content product details page
Modifications for Digital Data issues
459-Address Selection Not working
624-Digital Analytics
627-Allow multiple Durango styles for each dealer
641-Change MSDS Icon for all pages to SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
649-Create a compare page - Compare is not working in IE-11
654-Header not displaying properly
657-Home Page
658-Hero banner
659-Featured Products
660-Featured Brands
661-Footer duplicates links
663-Sales rep landing-temp fix
669-Our story
670-Landing Page is not working - Displays "Landing Page Not Found"
671-Cross reference option needs to be coded (see attached)
674-Web Reports Page Needs styled
676-Item details page
678-Item Details for Native Search - Product Details is empty
681-Sort By
683-Digital Data: Missing value in on Null Search Results page
684-Digital Data: Missing incorrect [number of Reviews], [Avg No.of Ratings] in digitalData.product[0].attribute.exploreAttributeValues in Product details page
685-Cross Reference Message
688-Package creation
694-Add to Cart is not working
695-Digital Data: Missing values in Component object on Home page as an entry page
696-Digital Data: Incorrect digitalData.component object available in all the website pages.
697-Digital Data: Missing [UserID] and [User Segment] values
698-Digital Data: Missing Shop Action 5 Tag  and dig_AddToCartBind() function when user add item to cart
699-Digital Data: Missing cm_sp href parameters in all the promotional area items on Home Page
700-Digital Data: Missing ManualImpressions object in product details page
701-Digital Data: Incorrect [Product function code] in digitalData.product[0].attribute.exploreAttributeValues in Product details page
702-Quick Order - Cannot add items in quick order
703-Digital Data: Cart object is missing Quick Order Page
704-Digital Data: Incorrect pageInstanceID and Missing & values on Quick Order Page
705-Digital Data: Incorrect Primary Category
706-Digital Data: Incorrect pageID and pageInstanceID are captured on Favorite List Page
707-Digital Data: Incorrect pageID is captured in page object on Search results page
708-Digital Data: Incorrect and missing values are captured in digitalData.Cart.Items[0].exploreAttributeValues when user adds an item to cart via search results page
709-Digital Data: Incorrect values on Ink & Tone Finder Page
710-Digital Data: DigitalData object and values are not available in all the EVOS test site
726-2012 Environment -  Durango Hotfix 7.0.18 for Beta Testing SPROC not working
731-Refinement throwing error "can't reach this page"
736-Digital Data: Incorrect Add to Cart function code and rebates flag value is captured in Cart object when user add the item to cart via L2C Product Category Page
737-Digital Data: Incorrect values are captured in Page object on Product Compare Page
738-Digital Data: Incorrect pageInstanceI value is captured in all Product Category Pages
741-Incorrect on-site search term value captured in search results page
745-Filter\refinement is not working from Favorites List
675 Web Reports do not display on MyReports.aspx page - report link is throwing error
698 Digital Data: Missing Shop Action 5 Tag  and dig_AddToCartBind() function when user add item to cart
700 Digital Data: Missing ManualImpressions object in product details page
701 Digital Data: Incorrect [Product function code] in digitalData.product[0].attribute.exploreAttributeValues in Product details page
723 General Image URL Showing Undefined or Null reference and conflicting with HTTP vs. HTTPS
729 Build a toggle for Featured Product Zone on list page
742 Digital Data: Extra JQuery triggers are fired when a ‘write a review link’, ‘Reviews Tab’, ‘Write a Review Button’ are clicked. (Duplicate and incorrect Triggers)
744 Restore full access to OrderResearchC.aspx for all users
747 Session state error on failed Login
751 Order Approval & Saved Carts – Make Active not fully functional
752 Add To Cart showing for non-logged in customers.
753 ReceiptOrderPendingApproval.aspx - logo is hard coded to Universe logo.
754 ReceiptQ.aspx - No Order Detail returned for the page
758 ShopGrid.aspx - Detail View in SRC price change.
759 Delivery message in Cart
763 Qty Box in grid view
764 View cart/Email as Quote
765 Search within Results throws Website error or 404 error
766 Refinement on Left Rail throwing error from search field (shopgrid.aspx)
767 SDS Safety Data Sheet should open in new window when icon is clicked from Item Details Page
769 Featured Products - Items in the Featured Products Zone do not display item number
771 Digital Data: Incorrect Add to Cart function code in Cart object when user add the item to cart via Product Compare page and other pages.
776 Address page - Address selection not functional